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  • Supercomputing M&S  image
    No. 3 View. 3496 Supercomputing M&S 2016. 05. 17  
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    No. 2 View. 4660 KISTI 2016. 05. 17
  • KISTI Introduction(ENG)(2011-2014) image
    No. 1 View. 3879 KISTI Introduction(ENG)(2011-2014) 2015. 11. 04 Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI) is Korea’s first research institute dedicated to science and technology information that has paved the ground for science and technology knowledge nformation. With the goal of maximizing national science and technology R&D efficiency, we have provided support to build state-of-the-art research infrastructure through cooperation and collaboration among industries, academia and research institutes for the past five decades.
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