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Supports the digital transformation of science and technology

Div. of S&T Digital Convergence supports the digital transformation of science and technology by consolidating DNA(Data-Network-AI)
capabilities for the efficient implementation of national science and technology policies and institutional R&R.
To this end, we support the establishment of a science and technology data dam, data-driven resolution of national and social pending issues,
cloud transformation of science and information services, and training of talents convergence of AI and big data. Also we provide S&T data quickly and
safely based on KREONET: suitable national S&T data network for tera-byte level big data transmission; and K-Cyber prevention technology.

  • KREONET Center

    KREONET Center contributes to the creation of world-class excellent examples in the fields of big science/convergence research such as astronomy, nuclear fusion, bio, and aerospace through design, construction, stable operation, and advanced networking services of KREONET/GLORIAD that respond to future demands. In addition, it not only secures core technology for quantum cryptography network through the network construction technology, but also provides safe data transmission service by actual applying the technology to the KREONET.

  • Science and Technology Security R&D Center

    Science and Technology Cyber Security Center serves as a cyber security control tower in the field of science and technology, provides life-cycle information protection services to S&T research institutes and public institutions, and researches AI-based source technology for cyber threat analysis and response.

  • Dept. of datacentric problem solving research

    Dept. of datacentric problem solving research do research, develop, and diffuse core digital transformation element technologies which centered on Data and AI to solve national-social pending issues and create R&D innovation cases.

  • Dept. of Machine Learning Data Research

    In order to lead the data economy with AI-driven technological innovation and contribute to national digital transformation, Dept. of Machine Learning Data Research was organized in 2021. which enhances the quality and accessibility of science and technology machine learning data: core competitiveness in the era of the digital transformation; and provides a customized AI model generation environment based on pre-training models. With those, Dept. of Machine Learning Data Research contributes to R&D innovation by solving various scientific and social pending issues.

  • AI Technology Research Center

    AI Technology Research Center aims to secure the AI technology by utilizing KISTI's data and supercomputing infrastructure, and its main tasks are to secure future growth engines for KISTI and foster institutional talents. For those tasks, AI Technology Research Center are developing a KISTI language model that can understand science and technology texts and conducting natural language processing research using the model.

  • Science Data Education Center

    Science Data Education Center trains core professionals and future human resources in the Data Technology era through the development and operation of Data, Supercomputer, and Artificial Intelligence education based on the strengths of KISTI. It also develops and disseminates online and offline educational content.

  • Dept. of Information Strategy

    Dept. of Information Strategy establishes and operates of cloud information infrastructure, which is the core of digital innovation, and also promotes the establishment of a public cloud center for the sustainable service of a safe science and technology ecosystem.

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