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KISTI promotion video (2022)

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The era of the digital revolution without the constraints of time and space! 


To become the competitive power serving as the basis for development, andleadingthe times, 

is none other than science and technology data! 

With science and technology data, 

we create new values, 

pioneer new growth, 

and prepare a new future. 


We are KISTI, 

the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information.


Era of digital revolution 

Competitive power leading the times 


Scientific technology data 


Creating new values 


Pioneering new growth 


Preparing for a new future 



changes the world with data


We have been changing the world. 


Since our foundation in 1962, we have solidified the base for Korea’s science and technology research and industrial development. 


We at KISTI havesupported nationwidedevelopment by discovery of growth engines for national key industries

through collection and distribution of science and technology and future prediction by way of information analysis. 


In times of increasing importance for information and technology,  

KISTestablished a science and technology state-of-the-art infrastructureand super-computing application system

to head ting-edge R&D, which innovated the national science and technology industry.


We have been changing the world 


Beginning Period for S&T, Industries 


Foundation of KISTI in 1962 


Foundation in science and technology research and industrial development 


The beginning of national development and its people’s happiness 


Growth Period for Korea’s Industrial Development 


Discovery of growth engines for national key industries 


Contribution to national economic development

Information Age: the beginning of digital innovation 


State-of-the-art infrastructure development 


Supercomputing application system establishment 


Super-convergent digital transformation era 


Leading national science 

and technological innovation


And today, in this data economy era 

in which data is competitive power, 

we lead the way in resolving pending social issues through data. 


Based on open science, we prepared a science and technology data sharing and use system,

and provide services on intelligent integration platform ScienceON and various science and technology data platforms per field,

to innovate the national science and technology research paradigm. 


KISTI as a national supercomputing center operating a supercomputing infrastructure and global science experimental data hud center. 


Through this, the joint use of high performance infrastructure, ting-edge science and technology research, 

and global cooperation can be enhanced to strengthen national competence on a worldwide scale. 

We support the digital transformation of the science and technology research field, 

and collaborate with social innovation leaders such as industries and local communities to create socio-economic value

and build up strength for industrial-academic-research institutes-governmental.  


Furthermore, the capacity of the D.N.A. for data-network-AIis assembled and strengthened 

to contribute to resolving pending social issues based on the power of convergence through science and technology data dam construction,

cyber security control, national livelihood problem solution development, science and technology research network operation, and future talent cultivation training.


We build a better tomorrow 

with data 


Leading open science based on science and technology data  


Preparation of data-based national open science system 


Comprehensive collection and analysis for science and technology information 


Support for open science-based digital transformation 


Leading ting-edge research 

and ecosystem for national supercomputing 


Construction and operation of national supercomputing infrastructure

ading a national super-computing ecosystem 


National supercomputer No.5Nurion

Construction of national supercomputing environment for the future 


Seoul, Gangwon-do Province, Daejeon, Pohang, Busan, South Korea, Tsukuba, Geneva, Chicago, California 


Digital Innovation of industrials, academia, research institutes, governments 


Comprehensive collection and analysis service for science, technology, and related industrial information 


ASTI 5.0, Toward DX-ASTI 


Finding digital transformation response measures for small and medium businesses 


ASTI (Association of Science & Technology Information) senior management forum 


Pursuing R&D paradigm change through data analysis 


R&D PIE, Investment platform acknowledged by OECD 


Spread of KISTI’s technical commercialization platform 


Discussions on technology transfer with a partner 


Data-Driven technical commercialization support platform

ODA project, establishment of competitive intelligence analysis service “COMPAS” 


Support for science and technology knowledge infrastructure 


The center of D.N.A.-based digital convergence  


Construction project for science and technology machine learning data 


S&T CSC: Science and Technology Cyber Security Center 


State institution-owned information system and computer network protection 


KISTI’s 4 Major Issue Resolutions 



Monitoring solutions to prevent flooding 


Fine Dust 

Measuring and analyzing air pollution system run by Incheon Metropolitan City 


Public Transportation 

Performance index and economic feasibility analysis on new route alternatives 


Seismic Damage 

Pre-selection of subjects for seismic retrofit priority to prevent damage and strengthen confrontation ability 


Daejeon, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Hawaii, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Ottawa, Miami, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Geneva, Copenhagen, Moscow 



Korea Research Environment Open Network 


Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development 


KISTI Science Data Education Center 


Contribution of resolutions to pending national and social issues


We will create a new future 

with data. 


By expanding the data sharing and utilization ecosystem where everyone can share and utilize science and technology information resources, we dream of a world full of resplendent innovation centered around data. 


By developing and spreading next-generation science and technology infrastructure, and also by creating and advancing intelligent technologies, we dream of innovation of our nation's sicence and technology competence. 


In addition, operate stronger and more reliable digital support system based on the industrial-academic-research institutes-governmental governance for prompting the research community to grow together and make new discoveries,  

and look in advance humanity's agenda so that our lives continue beautifully,  

KISTI s into the future.

Roat to DATA 

Road to world 


Road to future 


We make our nation of world-class science and technology


We will create a new future with data 


Industries, academia, research institutes, governments 


With DATA 


Into the world 


Into the future 


we make our nation of world-class science and technology


In the era of great digital transformation, data is an essential element mandatory in every field, 

and the most important strategic asset. 

KISTI establishes, uses, and diffuses not only domestic and foreign science and technology information, but also data and platforms 


to innovate national science and technology competence and drive future growth engines. 


Under the vision of “Changing the world with data” KISTI is using its data and infrastructure service of science and technology  


to lead research and development innovation, and will continue to pioneer national agendas and pending social issue resolutions to contribute to the happiness of the nation and our people.


Kim Jae-soo, 

President of KISTI


KISTI, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, will continue its challenge toward the future as the head of science and technology data. 


With its data, 

supercomputing infrastructure, 

intelligent information analysis system, 

and digital convergence, 


KISTI’s destination! 

The hope for the world! 

Will be a future of novelty 

and happiness.


KISTI will continue its challenge toward the future 




Supercomputing infrastructure 


Intelligent information analysis system 


Digital convergence 


KISTI’s destination! 

World hope’s destination!


Changing the world with data

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